• Wet-Pipe Sprinkler System
    Wet pipe systems are reliable, inexpensive, and versatile.
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  • FM-200 Systems
    FM-200 is the world’s leading fire extinguishing clean agent.
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  • Carbon Dioxide Systems
    The most reliable and cost effective fire protection for electric installations.
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  • Fire Alarm Systems
    Automatic fire alarm systems are designed to monitor heat and smoke.
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Fire Protection & Building safety Systems

UNISAFE specializes in the design, installation, maintenance and operation of fire protection and building safety systems for properties of all types.

Founded in 1990, we are financially stable full service fire protection and building safety solution provider and believe the latest in fire protection technologies must be combined with the highest level of service available.

Unisafe is an active member of the National fire protection association codes and practices and ensures all our systems are installed and maintained according to applicable codes and standards. 

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Featured product

Electrical Cabinet Fire Suppression System

Cabinet / Enclosed suppression system, is a simple automatic fire suppression system that acts as detection and suppression installed directly on a fire hazard as a form of local application protection all in 1 small system.

Maintenance Free, Economical & Specially tailored for budget projects.

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