Water-Mist Systems

Water mist sprinkler systems use the best elements of gas and traditional sprinkler systems to extinguish fires within seconds, using the minimal amount of water necessary. Water mist systems cause minimal damage, and make recovery time after a fire nonexistent, since there is nothing to clean or reset. This type of system is ideal for Class A, B and C fires in a wide variety of locations. During all installations of this kind, Unisafe works with Danfoss Semco, an industry leader with over 50 years of experience designing and installing high pressure water mist systems. Every water mist system installation Unisafe undertakes is supervised by a team of Danfoss’ European engineers.

Water mist systems work by dispensing tiny water droplets in the form of a high-pressure mist. Since these droplets have a large surface area and smaller mass, they absorb energy while they fall, causing them to evaporate and turn into steam. While turning into steam, the droplets expand at least 1,700 times, depriving the fire of the oxygen it needs to survive.

Danfoss was the first organization to use high-pressure water mist systems. The company’s water development and manufacturing facilities allow it to focus on constantly implementing and discovering new water mist technology. Danfoss’ innovations in the industry allowed them to design and implement the smallest, only maintenance-free pump currently available and the water mist nozzle with the highest spacing.

The micro nozzles that Danfoss installs cause water to gain power by circling in a swirl chamber. This motion turns the water into a mist able to be directed at fires extremely quickly and cover large swaths of flames at one time. Danfoss also produces multi-axial piston pumps that are made of stainless steel. These pumps never have to be serviced since they actually use water as a lubricant.